Personal Training Courses

Achieving Your Goals

Personal training courses are tailored to individual needs. Through a team of professional Waterfall Personal Trainers, we analyse your available time, training goals and acceptable exercise intensity, and arrange the most suitable “one-to-one” personal training, so that you can achieve your goals faster!

Personal Training Courses

To increase muscle mass and reduce fat accumulation, thus effectively improving postural imbalance and enhancing basic metabolism.

Improves muscle tension and muscle imbalance, enhances strength, and prevents a variety of aches and pains associated with limited range of motion in the joints.

High-frequency punches and kicks effectively enhance cardiorespiratory capacity and explosive power, improve flexibility and co-ordination, and efficiently burn fat and calories, while effectively enhancing defence awareness skills.

Reaxing Training is a new way of moving and thinking that differs from traditional training modalities. The body receives information from the senses, and then our central nervous system integrates, thinks, moves, reacts, and focuses on improving balance and strengthening the core muscles.

A series of training in the the pool, utilising the resistance of water, reduces the impact of the body, especially beneficial for knee problems and obese people. *Island East Club only