PGA Development Center - Waterfall

PGA Development Center – Waterfall is conveniently located near the Olympic MTR station. Featuring an open-air, three-level long driving range with 31 Toptracer premium bays, 14 standard bays, bunker, VIP room, 2 coaching studios with GCQuad, golf lessons with FlightScope Mevo+, and practice green & turf designed and installed by Southwest Greens. PGA Development Center – Waterfall deliver an experience like no other. 


PGA Development Center – Waterfall’s PGA golf instructors provide year-round programming, from private/group lessons for youth and adults to seasonal PGA Junior golf camps.


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Olympian City only

The design of multi-storey gives golfers a realistic environment and assists you in mastering the control of the ball.

Artificial turf designed as fairway and rough makes golfers feel like standing on the real ground.

Toptracer- A new ball – tracking technology which can capture and display the ball flight in real-time for your golf games. It features games and modes suited for all level golfers which combines golf, technology and fun . Experience some of the most iconic golf courses in the world. Play a round NOW in the city center range, PGA Development Center – Waterfall.

Left-handed golfers are also welcomed to join!

8000 sq. ft and artificial turf of SOUTHWEST GREENS make golfers feel like on a real course to experience the best feeling of putting. The most challenging green is now in Golf Waterfall!

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