Personal Training Courses

Achieving your goals

Aim at personal needs, personal training courses are set up by Waterfall professional personal trainers. By analyzing your time availability, training targets, acceptable exercise intensity, etc., trainers will set up the most suitable “1 on 1” training for you to achieve your goals!

Why do I need a personal trainer?
Introduction for Waterfall personal trainer team

Body Shaping

By strengthening muscles to reducing fat, body shaping could improve body balance and increase basic metabolism.

Rehabilitation and Stretching

To improve the tense and unbalance of muscles, the course will increase your body power and prevent pain from restricted joints.

Kickboxing Training

High frequency punching and kicking, could efficiently increase cardiovascular system, improving body flexibility and coordination, with high-efficient fat burning and calories. Also, the course could enhance self-defensing techniques.

Reaxing Training

Reaxing Training is a new training equipment with movement and thinking. Your body then will receive new signals which is different from before. Our central nervous system will be integrating, thinking, moving and reacting to the new signals. These reaction from our body will focus on training our core muscles and enhancing balance.
*Parts of Reaxing training apply in Olympic Club ONLY

Aqua Fitness

By the features of resistance and reducing impact, Aqua Fitness is recommended for joints-suffering patients and overweighed members.
*Island Club ONLY

D-Wall Training

Real-time analyzing training equipment, D-Wall, through 3D camera and sensor platform, could immediately and accurately analyze your details of every move. To adjust your moves could exercises perfect!
*Island East Club ONLY