Small Group Training Schedule

*Please use the Member App for online booking*


  1. Please present your membership card and recommend check in at Club reception counter for attendance 5 minutes before you enter Small Group Class.
  2. After attendance checking, member should arrive studio 5 minutes before class starts.
  3. You will not be allowed to join the class once class is commenced.
  4. Please inform your instructor if you have any disease, uncomfortable or period.
  5. Do not join Small Group Class if you are pregnant.
  6. Please wear sport wear and sport shoes when you join Small Group Class.
  7. Please keep the classroom clean and use water bottle.
  8. Please do not take your mobile phone into the studio.
  9. Eat lightly or not at all for 2-3 hours before start the Small Group Class.
  10. Please keep quiet and do not enter or leave the class without teacher’s approval.
  11. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated by drinking water both before and after the class.
  12. Reservations under our regular procedure is a must, please check our class schedule or website..
  13. Small Group Class is authorized to any changes without prior-notice.

I hereby declare that I fully understand the information of “Small Group Class Rules” and “Rules of Online Booking”. I do not have any health problems to refrain me from physical exercise to the best of my knowledge. I understand that there is a possible risk in undertaking yoga exercise. Group Personal Training shall not be liable for any accident or injury caused by dancing exercise. I should consult the physician before exercise should there be any doubt regarding my physical condition and I should also update my health conditions from time to time during the validity period of the club contract.


  1. APP Booking: Any advance booking for the class can be made from 2 hours to 2 days in advance to the date and time of the class. Members please enter member ID and password, click “Schedule” , click “Join this” for your desired class and “Confirm!” after selecting the class.
  2. Phone-in Booking: Please call our hotline 2271 4380 (Olympic Club) or 2295 0331 (Island East Club) to book or cancel any classes 2 days in advance to the date of the class.
  3. Walk-in Booking: Members may book any available classes 2 hours before the class commences and up to 2 days in advance to the date and time of the class.


  1. Regardless of the booking method, members can check-in the class at front desk 2 hours and at least 5 minutes before the class commence, otherwise member is considered as giving up his/her seat and will be considered as absent.
  2. Small Group Class is allowed to release the seat at 5 minutes before the class commence for standby member. The standby list is assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Members must be physically present at the check-in counter to line up to the standby list, however members cannot join the class if the class is already full.
  4. Please inform us for cancellation of your reservation on the website or call our hotline 2271 4380 (Olympic Club) or 2295 0331 (Kornhill Club) at least 2 hours before the class.
  5. If you have 3 absence records in any consecutive 30 days, your booking privileges including online and telephone booking will be suspended for 30 days. After 30 days, your booking privileges will be resumed.
  6. Member is not allowed to book the classes or waiting the standby list at same time slot.