All Clubs in Waterfall will be closed for 7 days (EXCEPT golf driving range and outdoor facilities)

According to the government, as from 15th July 2020 midnight, all clubs in Waterfall Sports & Wellness will be closed for 7 days (except Olympic Club golf driving range and part of outdoor facilities). During the closing period, all membership schemes including any-year membership, personal training membership, lockers rental, etc., will be suspended automatically. The expiry date for all kinds of coupons will be postponed for 1 month for the expiry date.
During the closing period, our staff will keep cleaning the clubs to provide health safety environment for members after resuming our services. Also, please keep close to Waterfall Facebook Fanpage for the updated news, class videos and personal trainer exercise tips. Remember to do exercise at home and keep yourself healthy.
Please also download Waterfall mobile app to receive the notice from Waterfall.
For enquiry, please contact 2886 2311 (Island East Club) and 2271 4001( Olympic Club) in office hour 10am – 7pm or email to [email protected]