Gym & Fitness Classes in Kowloon West, Hong Kong

Give your fitness regime a spin with gym Kowloon West

In case you are looking for a perfect place to take care of your health issues, fitness classes Hong Kong are a great option. With their specialised and systematic training regime, not only a proper physical shape is maintained, but certain inherent problems can also get a complete solution.

Why do you need to visit these fitness centres?

In present times, neglecting of health has become a common factor. This results in a number of health associated issues in the long run. It is to make sure that such aspects get proper care, that fitness classes Hong Kong have become so important.

These centres make sure that a person takes care of one's body by means of integrated physical training, a proper diet regime and customised treatment for every individual. Also, another very important aspect of these clubs is the variety of equipment that is there for improving the health benefits of every individual.

So, fitness classes Hong Kong along with a host of gyms have become one of the most preferred destinations for getting a healthy lifestyle.

Unique aspects of fitness clubs in Hong Kong:

With the immense growth of fitness centres in Hong Kong within a short span of time, gym Kowloon West has gained immense momentum for its variety of customised health benefits.

This gym has a host of health equipment which are immensely beneficial for every individual. With their range of boxing zones, kettle type weight lifts, bosu balls and yoga speciality instruments, the physical training is balanced to a great extent.

In comparison to other gym facilities, gym Kowloon West has a set of personal trainers and attendant for every person. That person specifically takes care of every issue starting off from, the exercise procedure that is followed, to the requirements of the body, even finally to a balanced diet. Thus, on an overall note, this helps in complete physical management process.

The best part is that, coming within a price range of HK$499 to HK$1000, this gym Kowloon West provides best of facilities to get into ideal shape, and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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About Us

Our Belief

WATERFALL firmly believes that total wellbeing will be achieved when both body and soul are well developed.

The importance of balancing the wellbeing between BODY, MIND and SOUL is a concept founded during the new age movement in the last century, and it emphasizes the idea that the human individual is a holistic, interdependent relationship between mind, body, and spirit. The practice happens to agree completely with the concept of JING, QI and SHEN from traditional Chinese medicine.

The ancient wisdom believes that JING, QI and SHEN complement each other: JING brings QI, while SHEN will be enhanced if JING and QI are strong. The more prosperous the three are, the closer we get to happiness, peacefulness and good health.

The three water drops logo of WATERFALL symbolizes the combination of both Chinese and Western wisdom, and these wisdom are well fulfilled in our team spirit and services. WATERFALL is not just a fitness center; it is the bridge that leads you to a pleasant life journey, and the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul.

Through diversified fitness training, dancing and yoga, one can strengthen your body and mind; while Chinese and Western medicine fusion spa and massage can help you relax and rejuvenate your soul.

The environment we built, the facilities we provide, and our professional staff are all in line with our philosophy to pamper your BODY, MIND and SOUL, regaining your balance of JING, QI, SHEN, and ultimately achieving a happy, healthy and quality life.