LifeYoga offers a variety of yoga classes including hatha, hot yoga, yin and flow. In addition, we also offer a yoga therapy class that relieves stress and pain of the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Our professional yoga teacher team provides various kinds of yoga classes subject to the different levels and interests of our members.

In terms of facilities, our yoga room is equipped with an exclusive and state-of-the-art ventilation system that lets you enjoy fresh air in class. Our yoga room is equipped with an O2 Zone Air System that provides high levels of oxygen and improves air quality; we are doing this because we know better air quality improves members’ training results during practice.

Our infrared thermosetting system, used for hot yoga, is unlike a traditional heater. The infrared system does not use the normal heat element, instead using infrared radiation to directly heat the room air that leads to better circulation and increased energy. The system emits FIR energy that is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called “resonance”.  Thus the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation and overall improved metabolism.

We are pleased to invite you to experience the difference at LifeYoga!

Javy Yim

Prior to teaching yoga, Javy was a commercial dancer for some of Hong Kong’s top pop stars. The many years of dancing were tough on her body and costed her many injuries, this is the point where Yoga turned into an important healing role for her wellness. Since then, Javy has practiced and taught yoga for many years. Through her yoga teaching, she hopes her students can get a healthy body, relieve stress, pressure, and relax their body and mind. Javy has a certificate in Chinese Medicine from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She incorporates her learnings in her yoga practice.
• Certificate of Chinese medicine – Chinese University of Hong Kong
• Transformational Yoga Teacher Certification – SriMa School of Transformational yoga
• Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification – Banda Yoga School, South India
• Diploma in Thai Massage – Bua Hom Thai Massage,Thailand
• Diploma in Massage Therapy – Jenny Wong Beauty School, Canada
• Diploma in Beauty Therapy – Jenny Wong Beauty School, Canada
• Children’s Psychology – Hong Kong Polytechnic College, Hong Kong
• Piano Performance Diploma – Royal British Music School, Hong Kong


Dave Choi

Once the accident, so I shifted spine, after rehabilitation still occasionally feel a slight back pain and sciatica. For these reasons, so I started yoga, yoga eased slowly through my pain, also feel physically flexible than before. Because before work is in the fitness coach, often go through resistance training exercise, although a good-looking physique but the body is Yujue Bengjin. Yoga Yoga originally discovered after exposure is also very suitable for any age and gender. Yoga is a very challenging sport, drove me to continue to adhere to the practice, it can inspire people active forward heart. Unexpected is that yoga is not only to bring change on my body, but also gives me peace of mind, I hope you can also get a group of calm through yoga, joy and loving heart.
A number of qualified professional yoga instructor
Advantages like yoga, physical and mental development of students digging
Obtained several qualifications of professional Yoga instructor
Likes excavating with students the advantages of Yoga to the body and mind development.

Cora Cheng

Hong Kong is a busy city. Working under a highly stressed environment brought me great hardship and suffering, I felt lost as time passed by and I realize I need to find something to refresh my life – YOGA is my choice.
I started to see Yoga as my new life, enjoy so much to hear my own breathe with each asana, moving from one posture to another. At the same time, practicing pranayama, meditation, can clam myself down and it helped me to understand that our divine nature has always been within us. From then on I have not stopped practicing yoga.
Nowadays, a yoga teacher has to take care of students’ physical and emotional problems as well. The modes I teach are based on foundation for practicing yoga. We are continuously going back to the beginning, taking each moment to develop our self-awareness. Muscles and flexibility may recede if one discontinues the practice. Relax your mind and be ready to discover a new self you may not know otherwise together.
Thank you for sharing Yoga with me!

Ivey Li

Excitement, challenges and changes from sports are always in my life pursuit.
Various sporting competitions throughout the years fatigue my body and make me more prone to injuries. I got revitalized not until the first yoga class in my lifetime six years ago. Since then, persistent yoga practice becomes an important part of my lifestyle.
Yoga means to me an excellent sort of physical and mental balancer. It can replenish both the body and mind after intense exercises. It is nothing better than practicing yoga, simply in an area of 6 feet by 2 feet, to strengthen physical endurance.
My teaching philosophy is to bring strength, joy and commitment to healthy living to my yogis in and out each yoga class. Students with such a rich life can spread and share the same happiness to everyone they meet.