DANCING FIT boomed an unprecedented culture with a combination of dancing and fitness concept, spreading out with various aerobic and dancing classes by our professional dancing team including famous dancing teachers, aerobic pro. and experienced dancers. Our dancing team transforms you to become energetic, entertaining, elegant, rhythmical, sexy and shapely with focus on cardiopulmonary training, fat burning and stress releasing.

Placing you into an unique environment with introduction of latest stylish facilities, stage lighting & audio system and dynamic projection. We are a unique dancing club and we welcome all to step into our enjoyable stage!

Let’s dance and sweat! Brace up for your abilities, targets and interests!


Hong Kong Senior Dance teacher and dance teacher, who has a number of singers including Juno, Fiona, Regen @ HotCha, Wu Yan, Shine, Krusty for dance training and choreography. Teach a number of universities, secondary schools and choreographer; also visited Japan several times (Studio Heart, Zeal Studios, SI Art Wave Plant) dance studies.
Latest Job Experience:
Choreographer & Director of Pepsi Co. advertising Pepsi love Chinese dance, MV and whole China performance
Intra varsity dance competition in Hong Kong Invitational college-school dance judge
Hong Kong Tourism Board parade choreography
Singer Fiona song “Little Kip Valley 1234” choreography


Kickboxing is the integration of new fitness sports of boxing and martial arts, because the large amount of exercise, up Cellulite, fitness and decompression effect, thus increasing by Ms. welcome. Boxing hand movements can enhance muscle strength in the upper body, with legs in different permutations and combinations of movements can enhance fun and challenging role in enhancing the learning mood.


2010 Champion & Performance Guest of Wonder Girl
Dance Competition & Concert
2010 Chinese New Year Parade
2010 Ocean Park Summer Spash
2010 YMCA anti drugs guests
2010 world trade center count down
2009 YWCA dancing tutor
2009 Chinese New Year Parade
2009 macau dance competition (1st runner up)
2009 world trade center count down
2008 Olympus Game MTV
2008 The One Dance Competition (Hip Hop Group Final)
2008 YMCA dancing tutor
2007 APM dancing Performance Guest
2007 Tianjin University recreational activities on behalf of performers
2006 Wong Tai Sin District Council Activity Performance Guest


Since 2003 began to study dance, and trained in a number of local dance school, learn hiphop, popping, house, pop jazz, Jazz Funk different dances. During the study dance, she has participated in many dance performances and games including:
“Jonathan Wong × Giordano said Hi Tee to the World” dancers
Clothing brand “LIFE” Reporters conference guest performers
District Lu OUTLOOK- Qulumaren MV dancers
! NCM ive to Joey Scream – SAFARI – Musical
TVB- Macau rookie contest
TVB greet Olympic torch
TVB Miss Hong Kong Pageant
Nike Woman reporter conference guest performers
Farmer << fast >> album promotion
Cathay Pacific New Year Night Parade 2005-08
Park Central Youth dance out of a future guest performers
City University of Hong Kong Community College <Step To Danz> Dance Show any guest performers
Kowloon Tong Lee Wai Lee / Chai Wan, Tsing Yi IVE Mass Dance & guest performers
BCDC Mini ShowCase
World Trade Center countdown show2005-07